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High value transport

High value transport, if safety is number 1!

EuroSprinter is the right address for carrying out High Value transports. We specialize in this branch of transport and know the interests and associated risks for carrying out these shipments.

Safety is a priority here.

That is why all our vehicles have been fitted with all kinds of safety equipment since 2015 and are certified to the highest TAPA-TSR1 safety standards.

Of course, our drivers are also screened, trained and certified to carry out the transport of high-quality goods.

Depending on the distance to be driven, we can, if desired, deploy a second driver on these transports.

To accompany these High Value transports, we can have our vehicles escorted by an inconspicuous specialized following car with certified security staff.

  • Our vehicles are equipped with the following security means:
  • Track & amp; Trace real time monitoring
  • Alarm button linked to certified control room
  • On board camera system
  • Trained and certified drivers
  • Special door locks with electronic GPRS remote control
  • Code number on the roof for recognition from the air in the event of calamities
  • Equipped with Armor security glass
  • Route / Geo fencing with alarm function

Thanks to all the above measures, EuroSprinter is extremely suitable as a transport partner for safely delivering your High Value goods to the right place of destination.

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