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Cool transport GDP

Cool Transport, if it has to be really cool!

It is mainly about time, but for the transport of medicines, for example, the right temperature plays the most important role.

We have equipped various vehicles with a cooling system which can be regulated and controlled from the cabin. The driver has a view of the temperature during transport, if necessary it will be adjusted. Our systems have a range of -20 to +20 degrees.

The temperature is of course recorded during transport. A standard temperature record will be sent after delivery. It is also possible to monitor the temperature range during transport by you as a customer in real time via the Dyzle login in our customer portal.

Our cooling systems are equipped with temperature registration from Dyzle, the market leader in temperature registration. The cooling units and associated registration systems are calibrated and validated annually and meet the guidelines of GDP.


GDP refers to Good Distribution Practice and refers to the guidelines for the correct distribution of medicines and related products for human use. GDP is a quality assurance system, which includes requirements for the purchase, receipt, storage and export of human medication. The goal is to maintain a certain quality level within the distribution network, so that the product quality of pharmaceutical products is maintained throughout the distribution process.

GDP Compliance

EuroSprinter has fully committed itself to the standards according to the GDP guidelines and is therefore the preferred partner in the distribution chain.
EuroSprinter is compliant with GDP standards such as:

  • Cooling units are calibrated and validated annually
  • 24/7 Temperature registration with real time monitoring
  • Planning and drivers are GDP trained
  • Full cleaning registration

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