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White glove delivery

White Glove Delivery, if only the best is good enough!

White Glove Delivery Service is the most comprehensive service that we can offer. For this service we have specially formed and trained a White Glove Delivery Team, which is specialized in providing all the service that the customer requires.

Site Survey

If desired, we can schedule a site survey at your request. During the site survey our specialist looks at all kinds of practical issues such as; how is the accessibility of the site, on which floor should delivery be made, through which entrance should unloading be carried, can the goods pass through the door, does it possibly fit into the elevator or is a moving elevator needed, is a stair runner desired or perhaps ramps to protect the floor? In short, all kinds of important information that our specialist includes in his report and supplements it with on-site photos.

The information that our specialist has recorded during this site survey will then be discussed with our White Glove Delivery Team, so that we can use the right vehicle and the right tools for this specific order to ensure that the delivery runs smoothly.

  • White Glove Delivery – Service with highest service level
  • Trained White Glove Delivery Team
  • Air-suspended transport possible
  • Site Survey by specialist
  • Moving elevator, stair runner, ramps
  • Place goods in the right place
  • Unpack the shipment
  • Help with your engineer
  • Take packaging material back

Our White Glove delivery Team will only leave the site after full processing and full satisfaction of the customer.

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